Kogarah Waratah Football Club

Fair play is our goal!

General Information

Players Equipment Policy

Football NSW has issued the following Players Equipment Policy.

This policy covers what players may and may not wear on field.

Training Sessions

Training times are set by your coach and manager in consultation with the committee who attempt to spread the training sessions over the available nights at Scarborough Park. Our home ground is available for training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evenings only. All junior teams must complete their training sessions by no later than 7pm. Once determined these times must be strictly adhered too as there is limited space available at our ground. We need to respect other teams time and space.

Fund Raising

KWFC depends on funds that are raised during the season to provide the facilities and equipment that enable our club to continue to run effectively. Please support the fund raising activities organised during the season. Information on all this year’s fund raising events such as Trivia nights, raffles, etc will be posted on the website throughout the season.


Injuries to players at games or training are covered by the Football NSW Insurance policy. Claim forms are available from our Club Secretary and injuries must be reported to the Club Secretary within 14 days. NOTE: All injuries occurring during a match MUST be recorded by the team RTO on the match sheet at the conclusion of the game.

Wet Weather

If in doubt please contact the Manager of your team or by phoning the Council Wet Weather Hotline numbers:

Hurstville — 9330 6272

Kogarah — 9330 9595

Rockdale — 9562 1637

In the event of Wet Weather, please call the Manager of your team or the appropriate Council number to find out latest details regarding ground closures.


The competition draw is available by visiting the Competition draw page on the Football St George dribl website

Ground/Canteen Duties

Each week two teams will be required to attend to ground duties, a roster will be provided shortly. Ground duties involve putting up and taking down nets, ropes, flags and posts and canteen duty. All the equipment is kept in the amenities building and is to be returned when the nets are taken down. If ground duties are not completed the Club is fined by the Association.

The Canteen is the major fundraiser for the Club and pays for nearly everything we have, so please, lend a hand so we can continue improving the facilities and the services that we provide. A roster will be distributed to Managers shortly detailing when teams will be required to help out in the Canteen during the season. Please note that children under 15 are not permitted in the canteen, at any time, as they are not covered by insurance.

Training Officials

Each Team Must Have Two Registered Training Officials

A Coach is responsible for the team at training and at games.

A Manager is responsible for team sheets on match days, collection of match fees (Juniors), the Club’s shirts, and allocation of team player/parents when they are required for ground/canteen duties. It is each team’s responsibility to attend to their duties and if their duty is not carried out (this includes that all gear and training material are returned at the end of the season) team members will not receive trophies at the end of the season.

Football St George Website

If you have a query in regards to ground closures, a team’s draw or points table, all this information can be sourced via the official St George Soccer Association website: